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Lonnie G. Bunch

Kinshasha Holman Conwill
Deputy Director

Amy Adams
Financial Specialist

Renee Anderson
Museum Specialist

Abigail A. Benson
Public Affairs Assistant

Sabrina Berns
Management Support Assistant

William Boekhoudt
Development Support Assistant

Adrienne Brooks
Director of Development

Timothy Anne Burnside
Research Assistant

Dorey Butter
Project Manager

Lynn F. Chase
Director of Project Management

Tasha Coleman
Development Specialist and Council Liaison

Laura Coyle
Collections Manager

Deirdre Cross
Public Programs Coordinator

John Davis
Human Resources Specialist

R. Lynn Ellington
Associate Director for Administration

Rex M. Ellis
Associate Director for Curatorial Affairs

Tracey Enright
Programs Coordinator, Save Our African American Treasures

Candra Flanagan
Student and Teacher Programs Coordinator

Tuliza Fleming
Museum Curator

John Franklin
Director of Partnerships and International Programs

Princess Gamble
Development Officer

Paul Gardullo
Museum Curator

Marion Gill
Project Manager

James Gordon
Public Affairs Specialist

Eva Headley
Development Operations Manager

Cori Howard
Curatorial Assistant

Cheryl Johnson
Government Relations Officer

Adriana Kulczak
Management Support Assistant

Minda Logan
Development Officer (Corporate)

Cynthia Mallard
Staff Assistant

Michele Gates Moresi
Curator of Collections

Elaine Nichols
Supervisory Curator of Culture

Fleur Paysour
Media Relations

William Pretzer
Supervisory Curator of History

Dwandalyn Reece
Curator of Music History

Susan Samaroo
Management Support Specialist

Debora Scriber-Miller
Executive Assistant

Jacquelyn D. Serwer
Chief Curator

Bryan Sieling
Chief of Design

Twanita Simpson
Management Support Specialist

Cynthia M. Smith
Financial Manager

Taima Smith

Kevin Strait
Project Historian

Deborah Tulani Salahu-Din
Research Assistant

Drew Talley

Maia Truesdale
Museum Specialist

Margaret Turner
Development Officer (Individual)

Esther J. Washington
Director of Education

Edison Wato
Membership Program Manager

John Weingardt
Collections Manager

Belinda Young-Cadette
Educational/Curatorial Support Assistant

Delphia Duckens
Associate Director of External Affairs

Anna Barber
Major Gifts Officer

Did you know?

In 1776, blacks made up almost one quarter of the population of the American colonies.